Vintage 2022

The wines from vintage 2022 are progressing well in tank and barrel, with some of the earlier release varieties bottled and ready for enjoyment.

Overall the vintage conditions were conducive to producing excellent quality wines with great ageing potential in Shiraz & Cabernet.

A wet winter in 2021 ensured that dams were full and soil moisture was abundant. As the season progressed, there was good even canopy growth after a delayed start and a moderate crop load due to a low fruit set, which ensured that ripening potential was high.

Some very hot days during January and February were challenging, and we were thankful that irrigation water could be used to supplement our natural rainfall patterns and keep the canopies healthy.

The fruit was harvested around two weeks later than usual, allowing for additional hang time to ensure that the sugar ripeness was balanced with phenolic and flavour ripeness.

This year we have paid particular attention to the Wyjup Collection wines in crafting some unique expressions of the oldest estate vineyards. The Wyjup Collection Chardonnay will be a prime example of the ability to target different sections and harvest times with small parcels of fruit to build complexity and sophistication into the wines.