Plantagenet’s vineyard estate has been carved out of the regions distinctive Marri Soils named after the massive native Marri, or Red Gum trees that grow here. The soils are ironstone gravelly sandy loams over a base of clay or ironstone rock. The vineyard block sites were selected where good water drainage allows control over vine vigour, one of the most important determinants of fruit quality.

Irrigation is used infrequently and only to supplement natural rainfall events forcing the vine roots deep into the subsoil and building natural resilience within the vine. The combination of soils, landforms and climate – or terroir – creates wines of rare distinction and quality.

High quality blocks from these vineyards are well known to the winemaking team and special care and attention is given throughout the growing season to those that historically make the “Wyjup Collection” and Plantagenet Estate wines.


Plantagenet actively pursues sustainability in our vineyard operations including mulching, composting, replanting of native vegetation, and waterway restoration to maximize biodiversity. In addition we have minimal fungicide use and utilise sheep and guinea fowl to assist with weed, pest and disease control.