Our Team

Our team is passionate about crafting outstanding wines from the unique and diverse Great Southern. From our 5 estate vineyards, meticulous care is taken in the vineyard to provide quality parcels of fruit for the winemaking team to harness the characteristics of this premium cool climate region.

Luke Eckersley

Chief Winemaker

Luke believes a great wine is born in the vineyard, and its potential has already been predetermined by the time it reaches the winery.

It is his task as Chief Winemaker to understand this potential and craft a wine with the winemaking team that allows this potential to be truly expressed.

Jordan Ellis

Chief Viticulturist

Jordan's philosophy is to grow grapes in a manner which is sustainable and true to the terroir of the rugged Great Southern. He recognises and pays respect to the vineyard site characteristics, ensuring quality is enhanced at every opportunity.

His team is focussed on preserving the expression of the fruit in a way that maximises its approachability now and for the ages.