Our Team

Our team is passionate about crafting outstanding wines from the unique and diverse Great Southern. From our 5 estate vineyards, meticulous care is taken in the vineyard to provide quality parcels of fruit for the winemaking team to harness the characteristics of this premium cool climate region.

Mike Garland

Chief Winemaker

Dedicated to cool-climate wines since 1996

After beginning his career with Plantagenet, vintages 97, 98 and 99 and remaining within the Great Southern ever since (apart from an interlude in Germany with Riesling).

Mike reflects how "It is a very comforting feeling, that I've "come home" to where my journey all started, essentially without Plantagenet and more specifically Tony Smith we would not have moved (and fell in love with) the Great Southern and its wines."

Tom Wisdom


A 6th generation descendant of the Lionel Samson Family.

Tom says “Our vineyards produce outstanding quality fruit that can only be achieved after the vineyard has aged, become balanced with its surroundings, and responds to the terroir that is distinctively Mount Barker, Great Southern."

Jo Wisdom


Plant Physiologist (PHD Viticulture)

Jo notes that "The Wyjup Collection goes to the heart of Plantagenet as a brand – the wines in this collection are the most refined and prestigious we produce each vintage. Each wine is a true celebration of our pioneering history as the oldest winery in the Great Southern region and we look forward to building on this well into the future."