At Plantagenet Wines, we take internet security seriously. 

If you have seen a message regarding your browser is out of date, we recommend that you update for the best experience at Plantagenet Wines.


Why do I need an up-to-date browser?

  • Security – Newer browsers protect you better against viruses, scams and other threats. Outdated browsers have security holes that are fixed in updates.
  • Speed – Every new browser generation improves speed
  • New Technologies – You can view sites that are using the latest technology
  • Comfort & Better Experience – Have a more comfortable experience with new features, extensions and better customisation


What browser do I currently run?


What browser do you recommend?

Currently, Google Chrome is our recommended browser. You can download it here.


What about Internet Explorer?

Since 2016, Microsoft no longer supports or updates Internet Explorer. You may choose to download Microsoft’s new web browser called Edge to replace Internet Explorer.


Where do I find more information?

If you’re unsure, seek additional information from your technical support provider before making any changes.